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Would you like to have FREE online access to key articles? Well, here’s your chance. It isn’t feasible to read every journal and article specializing in important aspects of the subject, so ‘Librarian’s Digest’ brings you one significant article every two weeks.

Library Link and MCB University Press offer you the opportunity to access leading articles for free. Every two weeks, a different article from our extensive portfolio of library and information management titles will be featured. To launch this new resource the first articles featured will be winners of MCB’s 1999 Awards for Excellence.

You can read the article instantly online, or print it out, and make copies for your colleagues (you have automatic permission to make up to 25 copies).

Quality guaranteed

These articles are taken from journals edited by well-respected figures from the Librarian community whose aim is to ensure that important work is included in the journal. All the articles featured are written by librarians so you can be assured that the topics covered will be particularly relevant to you and your library.

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